7500 Litre Bunded Oil Tank Incl Cabinet

7500 Litre Bunded Oil Tank Incl Cabinet


This 7500-litre capacity vertical environment-friendly bunded oil tank is suitable for the storage of heating oil in a domestic or commercial set up. It’s available in the ITE model only. The ITE Model includes the Bunded Oil Tank with a Tank Pack, including a bottom outlet fitting kit and an Apollo electronic gauge.

Equipped with a range of fittings, including an ultrasonic contents gauge and bottom outlet fitting kit this bottom outlet tank provides a complete solution for a fully compliant installation. Made from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), this tank is lightweight, durable, non-corrosive, simple to install and aesthetically pleasing.

Model Vertical
Length 2940mm
Width 2305mm
Height 2820mm
Weight 505kg
Brimful Capacity 8088litres
Tank Base Sizes
Cement Base Length 3755mm
Cement Base Width 2905mm
Integrally Bunded
Moulded from durable medium density polyethylene material
4″ lockable inspection cap
16” lockable access lid
Lockable equipment cabinet
2” BSP(M) offset fill point c/w non-return valve & lever ball valve
Mechanical overfill prevention valve
Ultrasonic contents gauge with remote display
LRC overfill prevention probe
Bund monitor
Moulded-in lifting eyes for ease of handling
Bottom outlet with 1” BSP(F) thread (Only on ITE Model)
Bottom outlet fitting kit (Only on ITE Model)
Ecoflex top offtake fitting (Only on ITT Model)

Integrally Bunded – Designed to protect the surrounding environment, all tanks are bunded preventing pollution if the internal tank was ever to leak. A bunded heating oil tank simply consists of a tank within a tank. Heating oil is stored in the inner tank and the outer tank acts as a fail safe so that in the event of a spillage, excess fuel will collect in the outer tank.

Durable & Stable – Manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) material, Harlequin tanks are the most durable and stable heating oil tanks you will find. Our tanks will never corrode.

10 Year Conditional Warranty* – Our bunded oil tanks come with a 10 year warranty giving you peace of mind for a generation. So should an issue arise with your tank, Harlequin will be there to help. *10 year warranty only when product is registered on our website.

Meets Oil Storage Regulations – Apart from being fully bunded, each tank meets all relevant current regulatory requirements for storage of heating oil.

Contents Monitoring – Each model has a 32mm hole suitable for fitting an electronic gauge. Electronic Gauge is standard only with ITE and ITT models.

Wide Range of Options – The full range includes 20 options, a tank to suit every installation requirement.


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